Fritz Anders Art

Fine Wood Burning Art (Pyrographics)

Demonstration at Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery

Demonstration at Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery

My Style

I love the process of finding and telling the hidden story in different woods and grain patterns.

When an image appears to me, the process begins as I burn the details into the wood, highlighting the grain to develop the overall picture. Color is added  using layers of thinned, and mixed stains. The color and grain are enhanced with multiple coats of varnish. Hand-made wood frames are custom designed to complement each piece.

While I am always experimenting with new techniques in burning, staining, and finishing, it’s the transformation of the piece that drives me to do this work. I strive for realism that portrays a presence, an experience, a moment in time.

I enjoy adding a whimsical side to many of the picture, often reflected in the carefully chosen titles.


Those who know me well know that I did not initially pursue art; art pursued me. I was introduced to my creative side in high school, winning several art awards and even selling a few pieces, but when it came to developing my vocation, I studied computer science and math in college.

Together my wonderful wife of 30+ years and I have three children. While working a traditional corporate job, I found that when doing arts and crafts with the kids was when I felt most inspired. Eventually the kids outgrew art projects and I realized I didn't! I started playing with the wood burners I bought for them and as each image emerged, I knew I had found my passion. 

After completing several large pieces, I showed my art publicly for the first time in May 2004. The response I have received has been amazing. I am so thankful to many loyal customers who continue to add my work to their collections as well as to new friends who are experiencing my work for the first time. You all make it possible for me to live my dream. 

I was born in Idaho, but have loved living in Colorado most of my life.